Evanescence - Evanescence CD

Evanescence EvanescenceCD

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GenreNu Metal
Udgivelsesdato: 31.07.2015

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This album, named after the band, can be understood as a hommage to the new unity and creative job sharing. At the same time it is the hardest, most experimental and fun output by Amy and friends. This sounds contradictory, but it is not: It represents the desire for musical expression, discovering new borders and approaches and combining that with having a great time. The best example for this unusual and ambitious attempt is the first single ""What You Want"", which also contains the meaningful line ""Hello, hello. Remember me? I'm everything you can't control."", setting the tone for the rest of the album. It is a symbiosis of classic and rock. Sharp stakkato riffs, piano, harp, strings and shimmering electronics. But also great melodrama, deeply romantic emotions and great euphoria. The album "Evanescence" is successfully walking the border between different genres. It is a great attempt to preserve ones personality while going new ways.


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