TilbageEMPSymphonies of the night
Symphonies of the night - Leaves' Eyes CD

Symphonies of the night Leaves' EyesCD

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Leaves' Eyes
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GenreSymfonisk Metal
Udgivelsesdato: 11.09.2015

Jewelcase version.

Two years after their brilliant album „Meredead”, Leaves’ Eyes had already been in the starting blocks again in 2013 with the successor „Symphonies Of The Night“ carrying the listener off to a world of legends and myths - however with an incredible vehemence. Right the opener „Hell To The Heavens“ drones brutally out of the speakers with an incomparable epic. The German-Norwegian Symphonic Metal formation goes full speed during the entire playing time and is not stingy with bombast and opulent power. The quintet around female vocalist Liv Kristine is supported by a real orchestra and choir giving further emphasis to the magic of the ten tracks.


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