The Judas table - Antimatter CD
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Udgivelsesdato: 09.10.2015

Jewelcase version.

The personal biography of Antimatter's front man Mick Moss is characterized by interpersonal disappointments and self doubts resulting from them. Therefore, deficiencies in human behaviour and social cohabitation have always been running through his song texts like a golden thread, in the run-up to "The Judas Table" however, Moss had exceeded a personal critical limit. On the sixth Antimatter album, he deals with various interpersonal conflicts with an unusual, almost scientific fierceness judging people from his immediate environment but also himself harsher than ever. Although "The Judas Table" just like "Leaving Eden" and "Fear Of A Unique Identity" captivates essentially with a melancholic Art Rock, dark Gothic and introspective acoustic pieces, it seems to be less turbulent and restless in comparison to former albums. The new antimatter work seems to be almost gentle and shows a so far unusual inner peace, an inner self that has been found - an indication that Moss has finally conquered his own tormenting demons?


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