World wide live - Scorpions LP

World wide live ScorpionsLP

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GenreHard Rock
Medietype2-LP & CD
Udgivelsesdato: 06.11.2015

For the 50th anniversary of the Scorpions, "World Wide Live" has been released as a black Original Replica Version on 180 g vinyl in gatefold, including a CD with the original songs and a poster.

"World Wide Live" was an ambitious project. A film team followed the band and crew through the USA, Asia, Europe, and South America, recording the tour routine, the concerts and the band interacting with their fans. The documentary was originally released on VHS video and on video disc. In the USA, it was also shown in cinemas. For the live album, the band recorded five concerts in San Diego, Los Angeles, Costa Mesa, Paris, and Cologne. The recordings perfectly capture the electrifying spirit of the shows and give a good impression of how the band manages to excite and inspire fans all over the world.


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