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Ecliptica - Revisited: 15th Anniversary Edition - Sonata Arctica CD

Ecliptica - Revisited: 15th Anniversary Edition Sonata ArcticaCD

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Sonata Arctica
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GenrePower Metal
Udgivelsesdato: 11.09.2015

Around 15 years ago, the debut album "Ecliptica" laid the foundation of their career and provided the starting point for the epic launch of Sonata Arctica. Their hyper-melodic, mostly fast power metal was described by the media back then as a mix of the filigree side of Children Of Bodom and the anthemic, epic sound of Stratovarius. Despite the fact that they created their genre classics later on, "Ecliptica" is one of the most important and strongest albums from the FInns. The debut album, recorded in the Tico-Tico Studios and refined and perfected by Mikko Karmila (Nightwish and others) in the Finnvox Studios, poured on its juvenile charm - which it still does 15 years later in this newly recorded anniversary edition, in a more experienced and organized way: they got rid of some pompous ballast to clarify the essence of the songs. Tracks like "My land", "Kingdom For A Heart" or "Replica" are magnificent band classics being even more dynamic and emotional with today's line up.


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