The deluge - Manilla Road CD
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GenreSymfonisk Metal
Udgivelsesdato: 09.10.2015

"The Deluge" appears as re-release digipak version.

„The Deluge“ is a Manilla Road classic just like „Crystal Logic“ and „Open the Gates“, and this album is even better in many aspects. For the first time, the ultimate edition contains a remastered recording of the original tapes. All previous versions were taken from vinyl, as the tape was only discovered recently. Moreover, the album includes great bonus tracks: Next to two newer live versions, it features pre-productions of two songs that had been recorded with a four-track machine and of which one could be remastered for this release.

A live recording from the eighties discovered recently on a VHS tape is another special treat. Exceptional drummer Randy Foxe is put into the deserved spotlight at the end of the album by performing a "Drums-only-version" of the title song „The deluge“.


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