Venom - Bullet For My Valentine CD
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UdgaveDeluxe Edition
Udgivelsesdato: 14.08.2015

This deluxe fan edition of the new BFMV album "Venom" contains 4 bonus tracks, one plectrum, an embroidered wristband, a printed autograph card as well as a sticker and appears in a 3D lenticular cover and a boxset.

Bullet For My Valentine have locked themselves into the studio in order to create the successor of "Temper, Temper". The masses have asked for more metal and the 4-piece from Wales (that was a 3-piece for a short period) have proved with their first single "No way out" that there's still enough molten steel left running through their veins. "Venom" is the title of the new longplayer - which is strong enough to become the best release of the guys around Matt Tuck.


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