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World gone wild: The vertigo years - Doro CD

World gone wild: The vertigo years DoroCD

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GenreHeavy Metal
Udgivelsesdato: 25.09.2015

Papersleeves with box with lid.

This 6-CD Doro boxset "World gone wild: The vertigo years" contains a huge collection of classics and hits of the Heavy Metal icon. After the inglorious end of Warlock, it wasn't easy for their singer Doro Pesch to start her solo career. Firstly, large parts of the Hard Rock press didn't cover her obejctively (and didn't do so for years to come), secondly, the singer's management and label had high ambitions: Too many of her songs were written by ghostwriters which gave the Metal lady an American run-of-the-mill Hard Rock sound. One of them was Gene Simmons who also acted as Executive Producer.


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