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Anywhere but home - Evanescence CD

Anywhere but home EvanescenceCD

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GenreNu Metal
Udgivelsesdato: 16.10.2015

Re-release of the live classic by Evanescence in a jewel case.

In the original two man setting, Evanescence did not perform live and even after becoming more famous and successful, they rarely performed in front of an audience. Only after John LeCompt, rocky Gray and Will Boyd joined the line-up in 2003, they started to show their work publicly. In 2004, Evanescence, after long tours in this new formation, created "Anywhere But Home", a DVD/CD compilation that includes a concert in Paris, background material and a previously unpublished song. The CD from this package is now available once again and shows the only live album that has ever been released by this band.


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