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In alle Ewigkeit - Blutengel CD
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Udgivelsesdato: 30.10.2015

"In alle Ewigkeit" is the right stuff for fans - here's just some examples for the treasures it contains: the title track of this mini album is cold, dark, emotional - and it has a catchy chorus on top of a pumping electronic beat which makes it the legitimate successor to Blutengel's über hit "Reich mir die Hand". In the exciting new version of the classic "Weg zu mir", past and present merge, offering a first impression of the extraordinary Blutengel "Best Of" to come, before this mini album is made perfect by two very special treats for the fans: by means of two demos from the "Monument" era, the development from the first recordings to the final versions on the album is demonstrated. "In Alle Ewigkeit" is a feast for all Blutengel fans, long.time followers or fresh ones.


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