Disgusting - Beartooth LP
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Udgivelsesdato: 30.10.2015

Released on black vinyl.

"Beartooth" is the new project from Caleb Shomo, the former singer of Attack! Attack! Caleb has now taken his destiny into his own hands and written, produced and recorded the album all by himself. The first released single is "Beaten In Lips". The lyrics deal with dark sides of human existence and subjects such as alcohol abuse, depression and child abuse. Much of it is autobiographical. The album's sound takes metal fans on a roller coaster ride through catchy choruses and verses full of brutal metal core. The Fanzine Alternative Press didn't recently label him as the "second-best screamer of modern metal core" for nothing. His voice is capable of impressive and amazing sounds. Not long ago Beartooth were on tour in Germany with Of Mice And Men, their former colleagues from Attack Attack!, and rocked the stage hard!


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