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The roundhouse tapes - Opeth LP

The roundhouse tapes OpethLP

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GenreProgressivt Rock
Udgivelsesdato: 27.11.2015

What belongs together is growing together here: “The Roundhouse Tapes” by Opeth. Here you get some of the classics that were recorded in the former London engine shed on 3-LP (Heavy Weight) in Gatefold on black vinyl.

Opeth is a phenomenon. One of the very few bands who managed to merge extreme metal with dark progrock. “The Roundhouse Tapes”, first live double CD by the Swedish band based around front man Mikael Akerfeldt has been recorded throughout the “Ghost Reveries Tour 2006”. The sound is absolutely crystal clear, the guitars thunder and the quiet keybord sounds can always be perceived. The band plays in a very dynamic way and the atmosphere seems to be within grasp. Mikael relaxes the dark material with some cool comments and shows the listeners that they are a band that wants to entertain. Dark pearls like “Ghost of Perdition”, highly emotional “Bleak”, “The Night and the Silent Water” and roller “Blackwater Park” captivate the fan from the first second on. It is simply amazing what the Swedes from Opeth achieve here: perfect sound, full energy songs and emotions and last but not least, humorous Mikael Akerfeldt who make this live recording a unique experience.


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