Mo(nu)ment - Goitzsche Front CD
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Udgivelsesdato: 15.01.2016

Goitzsche Front present the next LP "Mo(nu)ment".

The band has become more mature on their third album "MO[NU]MENT", but they are still as hungry as ever. Songs like "Männer aus Stahl" are used by GOITZSCHE FRONT to show what their music is all about: simplicity and a close connection to their home. This is what they are about, not the big stage and presentation. "Nur Männer aus Stahl fahren Autos aus Pappe" - is a love song the song created solely for the Trabant. The whole album represents the values of GOITZSCHE FRONT. It is the simple things in life like friendship, solidarity, and honesty that are in the focus of the lyrics. It is also the voice of these Bittenfeld guys that tries to show that their region, suffering from the demographic change, is by far not as bad as many perceive it to be.


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