Silent town - Talco CD
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Udgivelsesdato: 06.11.2015

The Italian political Ska patchanka worldbeat punks have their triumphant return with their sixth studio album. "Silent Town" is a conceptional trilogy's completion, started with "La Cretina Commedia" in 2010. TALCOs talent of merging spurring punk rock, hymnic wind melodies, and skilfully used elements from Ska, world music, and folk into unforgettable songs. Always politically aware and critical, with a poetic site, the band's leader and singer DEMA pictures himself in the tradition of Italian musicians like CRISTIANO DE ANDRÈ and FRANCESCO GUCCINI. At the same time as the album, DEMA has also written a book with the same title, and the twelve songs' lyrics are driven by a literary realism, often criticising the homeland's political, ethical, and moral decay in a keen-witted and eloquent way. While the swinging tune of songs like "El Sombra", "Dalla Palida Mirò", "Via Da Qui" or "Il Tempo" gets you in the mood for a euphoric party, they tell heart breaking and accusatory stories. "Silent Town" is the absolutely convincing sequel to the outstanding prerequisites "La Cretina Commedia" and "Gran Gala". TALCO are definitely on a creative peak and rightly elate more and more people form year to year all over Europe. Spontaneous and more easily accessible than ever before, they still integrate subtle, interesting, and elaborate details into their music.


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