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Too old to Rock'n'Roll: Too young to die! - Jethro Tull CD

Too old to Rock'n'Roll: Too young to die! Jethro TullCD

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GenreProgressivt Rock
UdgaveSpecial Edition
Medietype2-CD & 2-DVD
Udgivelsesdato: 27.11.2015

It has been an ambitious project: in 1975 Jethro Tull planned with "Too Old To Rock'n'Roll: Too Young To Die!" to create not only a new album, but also a musical about an ageing rock star. Unfortunately it never fell through: during the recordings the band decided to abandon the idea of a musical, and rather use the material as foundation for their ninth studio album. In 2016 "Too Old To Rock'n'Roll - Too Young To Die!" will celebrate it's 40th anniversary and will be released as box set with previously unseen bonus features.

The highlights of the box set are:
- a previously unreleased, differing version of the album, which was recorded for a British TV-special and is now newly mixed by Stephen Wilson.
- many bonus tracks, 18 of them has been previously unreleased, and all of them are mixed by Stephen Wilson in 5.1 Surround Sound and stereo.
- an immediate transmission of the original LP mixes in 96/24-quality.
- footage of the TV special, which is released here for the first time.
- the cover consists of a hardback DVD book with an 80 pages booklet that contains the detailed history of development of this album, as well as track by track notes by Ian Anderson and previously unseen photographs.
- the cartoon by famous comic artist Dave Gibbson from the original LP cover.


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