TilbageEMPLetters from the labyrinth
Letters from the labyrinth - Trans-Siberian Orchestra CD
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GenreProgressivt Rock
Udgivelsesdato: 13.11.2015

TSO are the kings of the Rock opera - their winter tours impress with a production which is among the biggest ones on this planet: so far, more than 8 million visitors have attended their concerts. When Paul O’Neill (SAVATAGE) launched his Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO), he had a vision: „The idea was a Progressive Rock band stepping into the shoes of ELP, Pink Floyd, The Who & Co. – but going even beyond their approach.“ TSO combine Broadway, musical, Rock and opera elements, delivering epic audiovisual spectacles on their albums and live on stage. At the WOA 2015, TSO and Savatage played simultaneously on both main stages, a feat never before seen in the Metal community - they were frenetically celebrated by the international audience. „Letters From The Labyrinth“ is TSO's latest output.


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