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Das Ende aller Lügen - Varg CD

Das Ende aller Lügen VargCD

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Pakkeankomst:  Sandsynligvis mellem Mandag, 03.07.2017 & Onsdag, 05.07.2017


GenreViking Metal
UdgaveLimited Edition
Udgivelsesdato: 15.01.2016

This version is released as a double CD edition (eight page digipak in a slip case / including the English version on the bonus CD).

It is funny. The German wolf pack VARG, three years after "Guten Tag" (English: Hello) is once again on "Streyfzug" (English: on the road) with "Das Ende aller Lügen" (English: The end of all lies). It is a return to their old sound and unique and aggressive but also contains some of the most present focused lyrics of the bands history. Directly at the beginning, Charlie Chaplin comes in with an excerpt of his famous dictator speech: "More than cleverness we need kindness and gentleness. Without these qualities, life will be violent and all will be lost." The album "Das Ende aller Lügen" is definitely the most intense and diverse in the history of VARG; it should both inspire old and new fans.


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