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Scary creatures BrainstormCD

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GenrePower Metal
Udgivelsesdato: 15.01.2016

Jewel case version.

Swabian power metal band BRAINSTORM let their successful album "Firesoul" from 2014 follow their new album "Scary Creatures", which is to be published on 15th January 2016. The band simply continues with the parts of "Firesoul" that inspired both journalists and fans, but this time even a little more consequent, anthem like and harder. Mixing and mastering has once again been taken care of by Achim Koehler - a bond that has up to now always resulted in something great. Even the beginning of "Scary Creatures", coming as the first single (and video) "The World To See" is first class and qualifies as a band classic. BRAINSTORM once again prove why they have been respected in the metal scene for several years now. In February, the Swabians will go on tour in Europe with Primal Fear and Striker, followed by numerous festivals in summer.


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