X-No absolutes - Prong LP

X-No absolutes ProngLP

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GenreThrash Metal
Medietype2-LP & CD
Udgivelsesdato: 05.02.2016

Released on red double vinyl (180g/Gatefold cover/printed inside pockets) and as the album in CD format in a paper pocket.

"X – No Absolutes" presents PRONG at its best. The mere intensity of the triumvirate of "Ultimate Authority", "Sense Of Ease" and "Without Words" leaves listeners breathless! The title song is as forceful as it is catchy. "Do Nothing" probably is the next we are going to hear from PRONG in the matter of ballads and shows the enormous increase in quality and confidence in Tommy Victor’s vocals. One can possibly not find any weak points here, Victor is saying: "to determine the order of the album was an insanely difficult job; every song is just damn great in its own way". Produced once again by Tommy Victor, this time with his intimate co-partner Chris Collier as co-producer and engineer, "X - No Absolutes" also tonally broadens the PRONG horizon with some new facets. With more than 55 concerts right after the release of the album one thing is clear: PRONG can do anything, except for stand still!


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