Hellelujah - Drowning Pool CD
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GenreNu Metal
Udgivelsesdato: 05.02.2016

Phat riffs, stirring grooves and strong voiced vocals are the instruments DROWNING POOL uses to crow over tragedy, to develop uncompromisingly all the time and to remain true to their fans with the same striking power and attitude for over a decade. "HELLELUJA" is just the album fans have longed for and the whole world of brute heavy rock has deserved. Helleluja (2016) is unfiltered and uncompromising. No one else than producer Jason Suecof (All That Remains, Trivium, Demon Hunter) could have captured the mixture of metal origins, catchy tuned refrains and riffs plus relentlessly aggressive lyrics better. Everyone of the four band members played a stronger part than ever in the production of the songs on Helleluja, which brim over with strength more than ever and with a re-inflamed lust for everything that will come. Drowning Pool render homage to the past, without ever losing sight of the present.


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