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An epiphany of hate - Master CD

An epiphany of hate MasterCD

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GenreDeath Metal
Udgivelsesdato: 29.01.2016

Jewel case version.

Essentially you do not have to say anything about 'Master', if you have missed the band based around Paul Speckmann up until now, you are either living on the moon or are dead! The band was formed in 1983 (!) by Paul Speckmann and Bill Schmidt in Chicago (USA), Paul and Bill knew each other because of joint activities with the doom metal band 'War'. Their joint passion for more extreme metal bands like 'Slayer' or 'Venom' induced them to go into a harder direction with 'Master' than previously. 'Master' are deemed as one of the first death metal bands ever and next to 'Death', 'Possessed' and 'Morbid Angel' they are pioneers of death metal, although Paul Speckmann said in an interview, that he does not care about that categorization. In 1999 Paul Speckmann moved to the Czech Republic and since then he manages 'Master' from there. "An Epiphany Of Hate" was produced in the Shaark Studios in the Czech Republic and will see the light of day in the coming year. The ingenious cover artwork of "An Epiphany Of Hate" was made by the cover artist Mark Cooper.


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