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The bones of what you believe - Chvrches CD

The bones of what you believe ChvrchesCD

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Udgivelsesdato: 04.12.2015

The coloured vinyl version (beige) is limited to 200 copies and is released as a 140 g pressing.

The trio from Glasgow 'Chvrches' have existed since October 2011 and already with their first finished track "Lies" got the attention of English blogs and media. And not only England was excited. Also Germany has been finding the new feeling from Glasgow. In the "Pop Prognosis 2013" by Spiegel, Chvrches can be found on the ninth spot of the most interesting newcomers of the year; and also DIE ZEIT thinks of this band as a great pop newcomer 2013. The first official single "Recover" hit the number one spot on the online portal Hype Machine. With their second single "The Mothers We Share", Chvrches now are making great progress towards publishing their debut album. With "The Bones Of What You Believe", they send out 12 unique songs. As usual, they are often a very complex mix by Mayberry and create an abstract associative mindset through the lyrics. "The Bones Of What You Believe" also includes an exclusive bonus track for Germany: "The Mother We Share".


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