Randale (Live) - Kraftklub Blu-ray

Randale (Live) KraftklubBlu-ray

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Udgivelsesdato: 15.01.2016

Single Blu-ray edition!

The second 'Kraftklub' album "In Schwarz" was released almost exactly 12 months ago, which went to number one immediately like the predecessor. Since then 'Kraftklub' was voted best national band at the LIVE1 crown, toured with the "In Schwarz" tour through the country, won an Echo, released the third edition of the Kosmonaut, and got gold for more than 100.000 sold copies. They went on several tours and gave performances in clubs, stadiums, and at festivals. And because a 'Kraftklub' performance cannot be long enough they have released "Randale" now. As a reminiscence for all who went there and for those who did not get any tickets but still want to be part of this legendary journey. The entire "Randale" set contains two tour documentaries and a complete live concert from the Berlin Max Schmeling Halle at March 6th, 2015.


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