TilbageEMPTaking one for the team
Taking one for the team - Simple Plan CD
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Udgivelsesdato: 19.02.2016

Five years after their last album "Get your heart on!", Simple Plan have announced the release of the month. "Taking one for the team” is coming out on February 19th 2016 and is the fifth album of the Pop Punk band from Montreal/Canada. The wait will also be shortened by the pre-release of multiple songs: "Saturday“, "Boom“, "I don't wanna be sad" and the single "I don’t wanna go to bed" (feat. Nelly), which garnered some attention lately thanks to the "Baywatch" music video and the guest appearance of David Hasselhoff and will also be present on the new album (just as "Boom“ and "I Don't wanna be sad").


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