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Us and the night - 3 Doors Down CD

Us and the night 3 Doors DownCD

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3 Doors Down
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Udgivelsesdato: 11.03.2016

'3 Doors Down', the Grammy Award® nominated multi-platinum rockers from Mississippi, release their sixth studio album "Us And The Night". On "Us And The Night" the rock band present themselves dynamically and show some new musical facets. Next to massive guitar riffs, the album glistens once again with remarkable vocals by singer Brad Arnolds, superb song writing and some decent groove. Brad Arnolds says of the new output: "We are very happy about the release of our new album "Us And The Night". A lot of love went into it and we cannot wait to present the new songs to our fans all over the world." After the release of the last '3 Doors Down' studio album "Time Of My Life" in 2011, the album made it to number 3 of the Billboard Top 200, and the "Greatest Hits" album from 2012, the band relentlessly toured around the world. "Us And The Night" was finally made during the course of the last year in the Rivergate Studios in Nashville, in collaboration with producer Matt Wallace (Maroon 5, Train, Faith No More). The band managed to revive the sound of their debut album and at the same time they delivered fresh, mature song material, which is probably the strongest material in the 16 year career of the Americans and has the potential to continue the triumphal march of '3 Doors Down'!


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