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Glaube und Wille - Veritas Maximus CD

Glaube und Wille Veritas MaximusCD

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Veritas Maximus
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MedietypeCD & T-Shirt
Udgivelsesdato: 21.11.2014

Is released as limited (hooded lid) box set and includes the digipak album, stickers, a flag and a T-shirt (L).

'Veritas Maximus' is not one person, but five. On the "Ein Onkel gibt sich die Ehre" tour in 2013 and during the recordings in the Frankfurter Studio 23, they grew together. They can't wait to present their new sound. For the first time, Kevin Russell wrote and sang his own words. They are paired with the melodies and riffs by songwriter and guitarist Oliver Lohmann and completed through the passion and hard beats of guitarist Simon Gauf, bassist Thomas Neitsch and drummer Gerd Lücking. They mixed it all together and serve the new songs boiling hot. Veritas Maximus is the naked truth that hits you in the face!


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