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Nemesis: The best & reworked - Blutengel CD

Nemesis: The best & reworked BlutengelCD

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UdgaveDeluxe Edition
Udgivelsesdato: 26.02.2016

The deluxe edition of "Nemesis: The Best & Reworked" is delivered with a bonus CD (with piano / symphonic versions).

With "Nemesis: The Best & Reworked" , 'Blutengel' not only present their first official 'Best Of' release, but also a history lesson of a special kind, with classics, hits and favourites from the past in the style of today's music. "What if" games were always fascinating and so it is hardly surprising that Blutengels mastermind Chris Pohl suggested to reminisce the history of the group with a compilation of their greatest hits, while on this occasion asking the question: How would our classics of yesteryear actually sound, if we had recorded them with today's technology and all the experience we have gained over the years? And since a standard 'best-of' always seems a little bit careless, the idea for "Nemesis" was born and Blutengel went on to re-record an illustrious selection of their favourite pieces in the sound of today. The result is impressive because classics such as "Black Roses", "Vampire Romance" or "Angel Blood" not only get a rejuvenating, new life, but a completely new identity. So the rediscovery of old and cherished classics becomes an absolutely entertaining experience!


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