TilbageEMPReturn To Forever (Tour Edition)
Return To Forever (Tour Edition) - Scorpions CD

Return To Forever (Tour Edition) ScorpionsCD

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GenreHard Rock
UdgaveTour Edition
MedietypeCD & 2-DVD
Udgivelsesdato: 11.03.2016

Comes as a CD & double DVD tour edition in a box set. The bonus DVDs contain extensive live material and interviews with the hard rock heroes.

The "Scorpions" present their new album "Return To Forever" and they prove that they are still out there. Once again, they show that they are at the peak of their creativity. Tracks like the first single "We Built This House" are as contemporary as the catchy "House Of Cards" (guaranteed live hit). Another live hit is "Eye Of The Storm", which shows the unbelievable dynamics and joy that make the live performances of the Scorpions so special. In songs like "We Built This House" the band deals with the past 50 years, the philosophies and lessons they have taken from an extraordinary life. A must-have for everyone!


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