30 Years Live - Bad Religion LP

30 Years Live Bad ReligionLP

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Bad Religion
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Udgivelsesdato: 26.02.2016

This edition is released on black vinyl (180g) and includes a download card.

They have fast and very melodic songs, polyphonic vocals and background choirs that are often interrupted by abrupt changes of rhythm and socio-critical lyrics. 'Bad Religion' was founded in Los Angeles in 1980 and became a famous punk rock institution. "Suffer" was released in 1988 and is said to be a style defining evergreen. It has lost nothing of its energy even today. In celebration of their "House Of Blues" tour and their thirty year anniversary, 'Bad Religion' released the live album "30 Years Live" in 2010. The band's second live album ever was only available as a free download for a short while. Now, the 35th anniversary has arrived. Their label Epitaph decided to press "30 Years Live" on vinyl and publish it regularly. The 180-gram LP is released in two editions: The "Black Vinyl" one and the "Solid Silver Vinyl" one, which is limited to 750 copies. Both versions are provided with a download code.


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