Holy - Blackout Problems CD
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Udgivelsesdato: 05.02.2016

Jewel case.

In view of the international class of their song writing and their previous successes its quite hard to believe that "HOLY" is the debut album of a German band, whose average age is below 25 years. 'Blackout Problems' took their time to mature and worked on their own with a lot of enthusiasm and dedication on their debut since 2008. Dozens of tours (including sold-out concert tours with Heisskalt and Emil Bulls), some EP publications, heavy rotation on radio FM4, a considerable "Startrampe" feature at BR-pulse. Acclaimed festival appearances. More than 12,000 hungry Facebook friends speak for themselves! On "HOLY" now comes together much of what can quickly make a debut a breakthrough album. If you listen to the 13 songs you can take a look at the foundation of a band that has remained true to itself and exactly knows why it does what it does. Where the three musicians find their strength to see through their criticism and their frustration to find an honest optimism is somewhat puzzling in view of the rampant cynicism - how uniting this single-minded positivity can be, is clearly shown in collaborations like with Nathan Gray, whose guest vocals refine the song "Boys Without A Home".


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