TilbageEMPThe world is bigger than you
The world is bigger than you - The Baboon Show CD
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Udgivelsesdato: 11.03.2016

The limited first edition comes on blue vinyl + download code!

This is 'The Baboon Show's seventh album with the title "The World Is Bigger Than You". Although the predecessor "Damnation" was released just two years ago and played by the band on various tours across Germany and Scandinavia, this release might be the most ambitious and elaborate album by the band. Hence, one can find some of the best songs in the band's history. Beside some unique songs, especially the last song of the album "Lost You In A Second" is remarkable. This song was written by Björn Dixgård (Mando Diao) for the band and he also sung the song together with singer Cecilia.


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