White noise - Pvris LP
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UdgaveDeluxe Edition
MedietypeLP & 7" & DVD
Udgivelsesdato: 20.05.2016

The debut "White Noise" by 'Pvuris' comes now as a deluxe LP 7" & DVD edition. This edition contains the 10-track album and a 7" single (3 tracks) as well as 10 videos on the bonus DVD.

Here comes PVRIS (pronounced: "Paris") with their debut "White Noise". The band is developing fast and one can sense this. After PVRUS finished recording "White Noise" in 2014, they toured through the US with their Rise Records & Friends tour. The debut single "St. Patrick" was released in the US during the Warped Tour and the fans loved it. The combination of fans of the label Rise Records and the talent of the band to create fast, rhythmic, and unique pop songs made PVRIS take off.
Now it is the time to convince the Europeans.

Front woman Lynn Glynn is charming and mysterious at the same time and shows how confident she is on stage, through her song writing, and in interviews. PVRIS is a type of band that people talk about and recommend to their friends. The album deals with loss, spirituality, and the consequences of one's actions. Lynn is just 20 years old, but deals with these topics in a very mature way. These topics are embraced by very catchy music. The band mixes edgy, electronic music with grooving drums and melodic guitars. The result is a fantastic album, that ignores genre boundaries.


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