Bärsärkagång - Raubtier CD
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Udgivelsesdato: 18.03.2016

"Bärsärkagång" is the fifth album of industrial metal war machines 'Raubtier'. The band from the Swedish high north impressed in advance with the singles "Den Dista Kulan" and "Bothniablod" on Spotify with over 500.000 streams in a record time. Since the band was founded in 2007, 'Raubtier' has put out four albums and a 'Best Of' with growing success in their homeland, climbing to the Top 10 album charts and winning gold awards several times. Their tours are sold out on a regular basis. A simplistic interpretation of contemporary thrash paired with an industrial pulse, Hulkoff's vision was to write melodic metal with brutal Swedish lyrics fit to fill stadiums. His fondness of military methapors and the outdoors comes through in nearly every line. No other band from the Torne Valley in north Sweden has ever had such success. And not many other bands have stayed true to their origins like 'Raubtier'.


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