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Whatever you want - Status Quo CD

Whatever you want Status QuoCD

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Status Quo
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GenreHard Rock
UdgaveDeluxe Edition, Genudgivelse
Udgivelsesdato: 25.03.2016

Status Quo presents the 2 CD deluxe edition of the three albums: "On The Level", "If You Can't Stand The Heat" and "Whatever You Want" - each in a beautiful digipak (with extended booklet and new liner notes of classic rock authors like Dave Ling as well as rare photos from the band's archive).

"Whatever You Want" comes of course with the evergreen "Whatever You Want" and the hit single "Living On An Island". It was first released in 1979. CD 2 contains unreleased B-sides and the US version of the album, titled "Now Hear This". The tracks were remastered from the original tapes by Andy Pearce and Bob Young.


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