High five - Berliner Weisse CD
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Udgivelsesdato: 18.12.2015

Berliner Weisse carry Berlin in their name, but in their heart and mouth as well. LP #4 (two split releases are not counted) contains 14 amazing city hymns that can only come from Berlin. Rough, loud and direct, but always with a wink as well. "High Five" slaps in the face instead of being educational. It delivers clear messages instead of lazy compromises. This is how Berlin works, this is how Berliner Weisse works. Motto: Who cares? The band gets to the heart of uncomfortable truths. Problems in the everyday life: When the water park is filled with sodium nitrate once again or a lot goes wrong in the scene. Berliner Weisse love to blunder and don't care. They've perfected the split between fun and seriousness, sparkling wine and Seltzer. Between "Where is your God?" and "completely sloshed". A fantastic capital soundtrack. Comparable to what? No idea. Berliner Weisse are a very own thing. The CD is released in jewel case.


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