TilbageEMPWenn Weltmeister reisen
Wenn Weltmeister reisen - Kneipenterroristen CD
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GenreTysk Rock
UdgaveLimited Edition
Udgivelsesdato: 03.06.2016

A soccer EC party without a new KNEIPENTERRORISTEN EC CD is like a barbecue without meat - it doesn't work...
So the guys from the far north are presenting two new EC hymns and whopping 11 live songs for the thirsty nation. All that for the price of a Mini CD - there is even enough money left for some beer to celebrate the songs!

With "Wenn Weltmeister reisen" the Kneipenterroristen are continuing the successful concept of a limited digipak CD with intricate artwork, an hour playing time and exclusively unreleased material for the price of a MCD, which has definitely proved its worth in the past 4 Kneipenterroristen soccer CDs and was enthusiastically celebrated by the fans.

2 new studio songs and 9 live songs (tracks 3-12 of the Kneipenterroristen home game 2015 - Live 10/30/2015 Gruenspan Hamburg) for the price of a MCD and you'll still have enough money for a couple of beers, so the EC party can start.

Guest singer: Frank Hoffman (Drunken Swallows)

Produced and mastered by Alex Henke (bassist of Daniel Wirtz, known from the TV show "Sing' meinen Song"), who already mixed the perfect sound for many German bands in his Monochrom Studio Hamburg.


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