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Rise- 10th Anniversary Edition - The Answer CD

Rise- 10th Anniversary Edition The AnswerCD

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The Answer
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GenreHard Rock
Udgivelsesdato: 17.06.2016

Now almost exactly ten years after the original release of the acclaimed 'The Answer' debut album "Rise" in summer 2006, a high quality anniversary edition of the disc will be released. The work, an absolute milestone in the band's career, is delivered as a double CD in a hard book with 28 page booklet. On the occasion of the anniversary, the completely remastered debut will be released, which has sold more than 100,000 copies, and it now contains various extras such as never before heard demo versions from 2004, rare acoustic versions and exclusive mixes of songs that never made it on a regular album. The artwork has been revised by the original designer Paul Chessell and supplemented with a lot of old photos, liner notes and memories of all band members of this period. The track listing includes the remastered original album, eight demo's from 2004, an exclusive mix of a previous track plus a brand new mix of 'Under The Sky'. With RISE, the band from Northern Ireland had a huge success not only in Britain but also in many other important territories, especially in Japan. The 2006 album paved the way for 'The Answer' both for spectacular shows with legends such as AC/DC, Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Rolling Stones or Paul Rodgers as well as many headlining concerts around the globe. In 2005 the music magazine Classic Rock called 'The Answer' the 'Best New Band', in the same year none other than Jimmy Page, who attended several concerts of the band, confirmed this positive evaluation.


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