Cascades - Suns Of Thyme CD
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GenreProgressivt Rock
UdgaveLimited Edition
Udgivelsesdato: 27.05.2016

Hits the shelves in a 4-page Digipak (including a bonus track).

A slick genre collision full of melancholy and precise details.

It's hard to imagine that something described as Krautgaze could have an origin other than Berlin, a city in which even the darkness is shining in myriads. A city like that seems to be the ideal place to grow bands as Suns Of Thyme: on their second album "Cascades", the quintet is masterfully combining space, shoegaze and nostalgic psych to let the result collide with death rock and velvet underground. This detailed and elegiac ode to free spirits, full of melancholy and nonchalant magnificence, makes it way through your ears to stay right inside you as Suns Of Thyme artfully avoided any sand traps typical for the genres while rocking a lopsided sneer.


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