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The devil strikes again - Rage CD

The devil strikes again RageCD

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GenreHeavy Metal
Udgivelsesdato: 10.06.2016

Released in a nice digibook including a bonus CD with six tracks (great cover versions of such bands as Skid Row, Rush, and many more)

"The Devil Strikes Again" is already the 22nd studio album by Rage. After a radical change in line-up last year they made a stylistic return to the old days. The previously released EP "My Way" already makes this clear. Hardness and speed characterize the entire work, it is clear that Rage want to continue in the style of "Trapped" and "Back In Mind" - with this disc they have achieved this without a doubt! There are other parallels to their history, for example the song "The Devil Strikes Again" is a sequel to "Sent By The Devil". In addition to the regular ten tracks six more songs are included on the bonus CD, three of them extraordinary covers of Rush, Y&T and the Skid Row remake "Slave To The Grind" - all these songs have always been important to the band within their career!


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