Youth authority - Good Charlotte CD
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Udgivelsesdato: 15.07.2016

Since the band's formation in the mid 90's, 'Good Charlotte' have released five albums and collaborated with numerous artists. The band contributed a significant part in helping to establish the pop punk genre worldwide. They laid the foundation with their self-titled debut album and the singles 'Little Things' and 'Festival Song' in the year 2000. 'The Young And The Hopeless' with which 'Good Charlotte' had a huge success in 2002, finally catapulted the band into the pop-punk world and made them global superstars. This was followed by 'The Chronicles Of Life And Death' (2004) and 'Good Morning Revival' (2007), which were also certified platinum in their country. After their last album 'Cardiology' (2010) it was time for a break, they urgently had to take a deep breath. The Madden brothers focused on their recording studio in the heart of Hollywood, where they are writing, recording and producing for other artists of different genres. Moreover, the two guys are part of the jury of the Australian version of 'The Voice'. According to Benji and Joel it is probably due to the Australian pop punk newcomers '5 Seconds Of Summer', that the two ever started to write their own music again. The cooperation with the young emerging band reminded the brothers of the fun they had with their own band and inspired the two guys to make a fresh start in 2015. "We were thrilled and the writing came by itself", Joel explains. "While we were working on a couple of discs for other artists, we realized that it would be great fun to make a Good Charlotte disc again. And it's obvious that only we can do a "Good Charlotte" disc. We have been a bit nostalgic and were following our instincts."


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