TilbageEMPOn a mission - Live in Madrid
On a mission - Live in Madrid - Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock CD
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GenreHard Rock
Udgivelsesdato: 29.04.2016

It might sound like an empty phrase at first, but for the fans of Mad Axeman it's a pretty serious and appreciated invite - where else could those fans of top guitar rock enjoy a show that emotional and energetic, presented by a line up which every international music expert would be amazed to listen to? Exactly that line up built their Temple Of Rock right in the middle of Madrid in the Joy Eslava during their world tour 2015/16. Michael Schenker and his crew chose this unique location for a reason; the musicians high fived their fans while they gave it all to join the band singing their old and new hits resembling all musical phases the band underwent under Schenker's influence, making the performance both a festival of joy and an impressive message proving how heavily Michael Schenker's music may enrich life. Schenker presented his new double neck for the first time, a Flying-M with two necks and 2 x 6 strings differently tuned per neck.

Michael Schenker - Guitar
Doggie White - Vocals
Wayne Findlay - Guitar, Keyboard


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