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The metal mass live - Powerwolf Blu-ray

The metal mass live PowerwolfBlu-ray

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GenrePower Metal
Medietype2-Blu-ray & CD
Udgivelsesdato: 29.07.2016
Powerwolf - The Metal Mass: Live

Appears in beautiful mediabook (double Blu-ray with bonus CD and booklet with 48 pages)!

Disc 1
Masters of Rock 2015 show
Summer Breeze 2015 show
A Day At Summer Breeze (festival documentation)
4 video clips

Disc 2
Wolfsnächte-Tour 2015 show
Kreuzweg - Of Wolves And Men (tour documentation movie)

AUDIO-CD (16 tracks)

The success story of Powerwolf is a true Metal fairy tale: Due to their hearts and souls, passion, and talent, the band has released six albums so far, and with countless intoxicating live shows, they have gathered a huge fan community. Two albums in the Top 3 of the charts, sold-out headliner shows, frenetically applauded festival gigs all over Europe - so, there seems to be only one thing missing... Exactly: a silver sliver to celebrate mass at home!And of course, Powerwolf do splash out for their fans and have put together a really luxurious package for their true supporters. "The Metal Mass Live" features three complete live shows on DVD/Blu Ray, so you can celebrate the irresistible hook lines and awesome Metal anthems created by Powerwolf in your living room - the live recordings were done at the Masters Of Rock, the Summer Breeze, and the gig in Oberhausen during the Wolfsnächte tour. Also included: all video clips the band has made so far, and two documentaries which will make for some raucus laughter - the weird humour of the boys is just too bizarre! And of course, "The Metal Mass Live" comes in a beautiful, deluxe packaging that will make any collector's heart beat faster.


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