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Selves we cannot forgive - Black Crown Initiate CD
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GenreProgressivt Metal
Udgivelsesdato: 22.07.2016

Black Crown Initiate's "Selves We Cannot Forgive" is a slim and focused collection that loses the baggage which can be found quite often with ambitious metal bands. This creates a balance between a brave spirit of adventure and methodical power, following its massive predecessor "The Wreckage Of Stars". Both that album and their self-funded song on the "Crippled Bull" EP showed how Black Crown Initiate deals with everything from Friedrich Nietzsche and Greek sophist Gorgias over hinduism and buddhism to indigenous mysticism, always in an uncompromising and pragmatically sceptical way.

The music of Black Crown Initiate is a dope collection showing the heavy atmosphere of a thinking human being, a musical soulmate of the masterpieces of progressive rock king Tool, of the dynamical works of the priests of Opeth, who are inspired by the dirges of death metal, of the dramatic metal-meets-music style of Mastodon and of Meshuggah's crunch determining the genre itself. Vocalist James Dorton, who is able to summon such sinister sounds, guitarist Andy Thomas, who wrote and sings the clean vocals and whose academic achievements are balanced by his love of loudness, the dynamic bassist Nick Shaw with his fast fingers and the powerful, energetic drummer Jesse Beahler unite within their ultimate passion for quaint atmospheres and the kind of death metal that keeps pushing its limits.


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