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Die Nacht mein Freund - Serum 114 CD

Die Nacht mein Freund Serum 114CD

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Serum 114
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GenreTysk Rock
Udgivelsesdato: 05.08.2016

2016 is Serum 114's anniversary year and they celebrate it with their new album „Die Nacht Mein Freund“. Furious through the night, blinking through the day, livelier than ever! Needless to say, good old grandfather punkrock conducts the band with frantic baton even after a decade. Already the title track "Die Nacht Mein Freund" leaves no doubt about that. Catchy hooks and walls of guitars. A neat pogo with count Dracula: Cheers mate. Blood for you, beer for me. Let's get started! Serum 114 seize their audience with the very first beat and they take you to a wild ride through the night and into the day. Over all those years Serum 114 preserved the most important thing: you may call it maladjustment, rebellion or maybe it is just punk rock? Whatever: most of all it is authentic. The guide to success lies shredded in the corner. Serum 114 prefer to wander the clubs of the republic with „Die Nacht mein Freund“ in their own style. Just as hell-bent as ten years ago. Happy Birthday!


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