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Die Nacht mein Freund - Serum 114 LP

Die Nacht mein Freund Serum 114LP

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Serum 114
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GenreTysk Rock
UdgaveLimited Edition
Udgivelsesdato: 05.08.2016

Comes as a black double LP in gatefold format and an etching on the D-side! The vinyl edition also contains the bonus track as well as the 5 track EP!

In 2016, we start the Serum 114 anniversary with the album "Die Nacht Mein Freund". Racing through the night and blinking through the day - we feel so alive! Of course, grandfather punk rock is still dominant, even after a decade. The title track 'Die Nacht Mein Freund' makes this very clear from the start. Hook lines go to the ear like wooden pikes. Guitar walls protect from the bright rays of sunlight. Cheers to you all! Serum 114 takes the listener on a journey from the first moment on. Through all these years, Serum 114 has kept the most important part: staying authentic. The manual to success is ripped-apart. Serum 114 rather does its own thing with "Die Nacht Mein Freund" and they are just as motivated as ten years ago. Happy Birthday!


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