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And then she came - And Then She Came CD
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GenreProgressivt Rock
Udgivelsesdato: 24.06.2016

Limited edition in a digipak and including 3 bonus tracks (with guest appearances by Alyssa White-Gluz & Jen Majura).

"AND THEN SHE CAME" play modern rock, but this concept is very broad! Maybe we can put it this way: organic power grooves meet smart electric elements, sharp-edged metal riffs and expressive, female vocals as well as progressive passages on catchy hooks. What's the genre? It hasn't got a name yet! You've got decide what it is yourself, so give it a listen! If you want some more concrete descriptions, let's just say that there is a strange mix of Evanescence, the early Linkin Park and 30 Seconds To Mars. The musicians have plenty of stage experience, because they have already appeared under another name in Asian in arenas with over 25,000 fans. By 2012, Ji-In and their men still toured around the world with 'Krypteria'. Despite almost the same line up 'AND THEN SHE CAME' nevertheless marks a completely new start! 'This is probably the best, but definitely the most exciting thing we've ever done', the singer tells us with sparkling enthusiasm. We can only agree, because this debut is bursting with playfulness and variety at every turn. 'Five Billion Lies' and 'Like A Hurricane' are marked by an accentuated dynamic which sometimes culminates in rough growls.


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