Say it out loud - The Interrupters CD
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Udgivelsesdato: 24.06.2016

After the release of the corresponding debut album in 2014, 'The Interrupters' went on tour with 'Bad Religion' and 'The English Beat'. Apparently, it was a pretty inspiring journey for singer Aimee Allen and the three Bivona brothers Kevin, Jesse, and Justin. Only two years later the successor is here. It is called 'Say It Out Loud'. It was produced by none other than Tim Armstrong (Rancid). Some of the songs were created in Armstrong's studio, some at Opra Studio of Travis Barker (Blink 182). The ska band from Los Angeles delivers fourteen melodic, danceable punk rock hits, which is somewhere between 'Operation Ivy', 'Rancid', and 'The Distillers' and which clearly shows lots of development in their song writing. The band has been in a continuous creative process for the last two years. Aimee Allen says: "over the past couple years we got to know ourselves so much better as a band, and that gave us a lot of room to really grow on this album." Loyalty, friendship, and unity are aspects which are important for 'The Interrupters' and which definitely influence their music.


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