TilbageEMPRight in the guts
Right in the guts - Frank, Herman CD
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GenreHeavy Metal
Udgivelsesdato: 09.09.2016

Jewel case edition.

HERMAN FRANK is a German metal legend. An outstanding guitarist and songwriter, who was a member of the bands 'Accept' and 'Victory'. He also founded his own band 'Moon Doc' (which released three albums in the 90s and early naughties). In 2010 he has finally released his first solo disc 'Loyal To None'; this work was followed by 'Right In The Guts' three years later. While Herman and his band prepare for the release of their new and third album (it's expected to be released in October), AFM re-releases Frank's first two albums. The new version includes the (formerly Japanese) bonus track 'Sky Trooper', whereas the disc 'Right In The Guts' comes up with the previously unreleased 'Princess'.


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