Mirrorworld - Serious Black CD

Mirrorworld Serious BlackCD

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Serious Black
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GenrePower Metal
Udgivelsesdato: 09.09.2016

Jewel case edition

2015 was off to a promising start for all fans of high-quality melodic metal: with ‘Serious Black’, another all-star band hit the scene and released their debut album ‘As Daylight Breaks’, which was praised by fans and in the press. What happened next was unexpected: not only did ‘As Daylight Breaks’ enter the Media Control album charts immediately, but ‘Serious Black’ also started a large European tour together with ‘Hammerfall’. They played at countless festivals, were special guests of ‘Kamelot’ at their three German gigs in July 2015, and were special guests of ‘Gamma Ray’. ‘Serious Black’ love to perform, they are a proper band, not just a project. Their activity continued without a break: on September 9th, the second album, ‘Mirrorworld’ was released. It is a true masterpiece and a lot of thought went into it, because it was even better than the debut album! Fans can look forward to an acoustic milestone. ‘Mirrorworld’ will open soon...


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