Realms - Darkher LP
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UdgaveFarvet, Limited Edition
Udgivelsesdato: 19.08.2016

The limited "Ghost" edition (300 pieces) of the the 'Darkher' album comes as a transparent 180 gram LP in gatefold format incl. a poster, printed inner sleeves and a PVC case.

'Darkher' is the alias of Jayn H. Wissenberg, a charismatic singer and songwriter from West Yorkshire. She exudes fragile elegance and music full of feelings that really impresses. Guitars are characteristic for her engaging sounds, dark like an upcoming thunder storm, but always lead by Wissenberg’s spooky, evocative voice. Her peerless dark style is full of contrasts, sounding mighty, yet fragile, shattered, yet elevated.
Darkher’s debut release, the EP 'The Kingdom Field' (2014), served as a blue print for her intense music and created a lot of buzz. The high expectations for her first album are understandable, but she underlines this with 'Realms', and it’s amazing! The nine tracks impress with a dynamic dramaticism that you cannot flee from. The emphatic and pleading 'Moths', the engaging 'Wars' with its catchy drummer motif, the menacing and unfathomable 'Buried', or the well known 'Foregone' can be called the cornerstones of this album, which is destined to be a future classic due to its quality and variety.


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